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Channel 72    37.9064º N, 121.6067º W 

Fantasy Football

08 Jan 2016 2:59 PM | Anonymous member

Fantasy Football update… 

Dan Young - Young Gunz- Won the league this year.  He has graciously decided to donate the Jersey fund to Splashers - $100.

Second Place was Peter Hills - Bald Guys

End of Season W/L Record;

HailMary2 T. Guth 9-5-0
The Cool Ones K. Mathews 5-9-0
Pardon Me Eiferted L. McCollough 3-10-0
Killer Dolphins J. Saitta 12-3-0
Killer Bees B. Gram 7-8-0
The Replacements C. Guth 3-10-0
2 Old Pros L. Knight/ S. Thompson 9-5-0
Don't Get Arrested T. Lape 9-5-0
DiscoDogs H. Mathews 5-8-0
Young Gunz D. Young 10-6-0
Bald Guys P. Hills 9-7-0
13.5 psi D. Victoria 4-9-0

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