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Channel 72    37.9064º N, 121.6067º W 

Return to Fantasy Island

  • 08 Oct 2021
  • 10 Oct 2021
  • Tinsley Island
  • 419



Cruise Leader:  Mike and Jules Guzzardo & Vinny & Angela DiNicola

Contact info:
Mike Guzzardo

Non-Refundable Deposit $30.00 

Return to Fantasy Island October 8-10 

It’s time to visit the island that no one forgets… some traditions old, some new.


Our personal relationship with St Francis Yacht Club and Tinsley Island spans 57 years, and with that, we are being allowed UNLIMITED cruisers this year.

50 boats? 70  boats? No problem. We just ask that you sign up early so we can get an accurate head count for catering and activities.

There are no day cruisers allowed on the island, you are all in for the fantasy or you can hear about the fun later.

Dogs are allowed on your boats, but not on the island. There is a magical place called doggie island that they have created for our furry friends which is the outer ring of the lagoon…easily dinkable (we think that’s a word…meaning you can get there by dinghy).


SO…Come live out your fantasies* as you return to FANTASY Island.



*not all fantasies…

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